Monday, 16 June 2014

Her children rise up: Dress 20!

Well, how are we all? It's been a sorry!!

I've been a bust little sewing bee in my blogging absence though and have now learnt how to create a wiggle dress, yay!

A wee while ago the lovely Roisin lent me her Gertie book and I traced the delightful pencil skirt pattern. 

I've been messing around with pattern hacking pretty much since I started on this sewing journey so decided to try adding a pencil skirt to the New Look 6886 pattern bodice (which I love) and added thicker straps.

love this dress although I must confess I have not yet mastered either fishtail pleats or splits do I'm a wiggling in it!!
What do you think?

I've even got enough fabric left to try a play this space!!


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

From her earnings she plants a vineyard: Dress 18

Well, how is everyone this week?! Ive been enjoying the bits of sunshine in between the large amounts of rain and am in the process of transforming our 'den' (insert converted garage-thingy) into my new sewing room! Woop woop! More on that later....

In the meantime, I don't know whether I should blame Sew Dolly Clackett formy copious purchasing of novelty fabrics (or whether they just give me the impetus to actually sew), but I can't seem to resist novelty!! 

On a dangerously late night trawl of the internet I found this! Drum roll please.....Introducing my 'Beam me up Scotty' dress!

I made it quite a while ago but realised i hadn't blogged about it, so here you are!!
Guess what? It's another mash up of the Simplicity 2444 bodice but I've added a half circle skirt from New Look 6886. I think it works really well, especially with my new Irregular Choice shoes! Not bad for a cheapy poly cotton purchased once upon an online.
Sorry about the goofy selfie- no one was on hand to play David Bailey :(
I am definitely finding the relative In-expense of dress making = more shoes!!!

I have since discovered that this fabric is probably a cheap imitation of a Michael Miller one so apologies to all you fabric purists and hooray for cheap imitations!

What do you think?!

Friday, 30 May 2014

A noble wife who can find? Dress 19

Hello lovelies!
Well it is almost the end of half term -is it just me or was it quite a short half term?
As with all the school holidays my making drops off a little and I have been deliberately trying not to make enough to wear for me made May!
I have however made this little beauty from a free 1950s dress pattern I downloaded off the Internet!
What do you think?
I wanted to wear it today even though it's hideously cloudy so I'm wearing it with my Miss L fire boots- a MULTI-seasonal staple!!
I've called it the Picnic Dress as the fabric reminds me of vintage picnic cloths!

I was pleased to find a pattern that created a thinner strap to the bodice without them being spaghetti straps like the new look 6886 pattern- and it was free! Of course I added a circle skirt as always.
Hopefully the weather will be picnic worthy soon!
I've loved it so much I made another in this pattern- will show some photos soon!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 23 May 2014

She reaches out her hands: Dress 17

Hello everyone; how's tricks?
Huge congratulations to Roisin today too!!

 I'd like to introduce you to the Vegas dress! Ta da.....
This one is one of my new favourites!

 I bought the material from Royal Fabrics in Leamington on Roisin's recommendation and it's lovely! (The lady in the shop was fab too).
I don't know what it is about dresses with ice creams on them?!

I've added a circle skirt again to the New Look 6886 pattern for added summer swooshing!! It's just, well, more me really than the sort if half circle midi lengthy thing the pattern requires.

This one simply had to be worn with my Irregular Choice 'I'm in Vegas' heels! They matched so well I named the dress after them. 

I've only just discovered IC as I don't live near anywhere that actually sells them out of a shop, so am pleased to report that they're actually surprisingly comfy and all over eBay!!

I'm not sure I shall be wearing these particular shoes down Earlsdon High St on the school run (only one is home educated; the other 2 are in school!) We shall have to see!!

The good news is this dress goes with all my HB Paloma cardigans too! Absolute winner.

(Thought you needed another goofy selfie!)
Now I just need the sunshine to re-appear!! 

Have a great week everybody, it's half term in our house- yay!!

Monday, 19 May 2014

With one hand she holds the wool: Dress 16

Hello all! What a shame the sun's gone in! Oh well, here's to Mellow yellow, the colour of sunshine!

I'm in love with this fabric! I nearly didn't buy it as it was a rash online purchase but oh, (Danny Zucko pause), im so glad I did!
I've made it up in my usual simplicity 2444/circle skirt mash-up and I think it has a wonderful 1950s vibe.

I got to wear this dress yesterday and because it's a poly cotton it was perfect for the balmy weather that's now over!!
was watching Star Trek TNG again when I made it so it's aptly named the 'Time's Arrow' dress. I'm wearing it with my Clarkes shoes in yellow suede. I seem to be enjoying yellow at the moment; I'm even considering a yellow based wallpaper for our bedroom smarten-up!

(V&A wallpaper)

(Yellow suede shoes)
What do you think?!

Friday, 16 May 2014

When it snows she's not afraid: Dress 15

Hello all, how are you?
I'm a bit behind in my making vs blogging so although I made this a few weeks ago I haven't posted it. I'm wearing it today though in this glorious sunshine so thought if take the opportunity to photograph it!
I love this fabric!!! I was thrilled when I found it as it's such a funky pattern. I've made it up in New Look 6886 having redrafted the bodice slightly to get a better fit- cool 'eh! (I'm very aware I seem to be making an awful lot of 6886 at the moment... Oh well!)

I'm particularly excited as we've booked to go to Sydney for Christmas to see my lovely brother and his gorgeous family and this dress is definitely coming too!
I've called it...the Funky Flamingo Dress! Original I know!!
I love this pattern! Perfect for twirling!!
Am wearing it with my lovely new green espadrilles from Wallis of all places!!
It's exam day again today so I'm supporting my number 1 daughter with the funky flamingo dress! (Any excuse!!)

If you or yours are taking exams this week- good luck!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Her husband is respected at the city gate: Dress 14

So, how's everyone this week? It's been a bit mad and crazy here of late what with GCSE exams and the like but were nearly over the hurdles now and looking forward summer! In preparation I've made another New Look 6886 dress out if this stunning fabric and aptly named it 'The Sundae Dress'- I think it's the spoons....
Lovely ice cream fabric- £2.99 a metre!!
I'm clearly into ice-cream fabrics right now! It's the same as my 'Pi' dress fabric only in a slightly different colour way.

I was very also excited to see that Hell bunny's Paloma cardigan now comes in pastel shades too so I have wisely procured for myself the blue and the pink seeing as I wear my red one a lot!

I'm wearing Sundae with my pink one (it goes with so many of my dresses and my Vivien of Holloway 1940s style trousers!) and I wearing it with some pink gingham wedges I bought a few years ago from New Look. What do you think?
Finally managed to take an outdoors photo the weather is so grand!

Close up of pink Paloma cardigan- wish they made these on every colour!!

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Apologies for the cheesy grin!!
Have a great day all xx