Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Her husband is respected at the city gate: Dress 14

So, how's everyone this week? It's been a bit mad and crazy here of late what with GCSE exams and the like but were nearly over the hurdles now and looking forward summer! In preparation I've made another New Look 6886 dress out if this stunning fabric and aptly named it 'The Sundae Dress'- I think it's the spoons....
Lovely ice cream fabric- £2.99 a metre!!
I'm clearly into ice-cream fabrics right now! It's the same as my 'Pi' dress fabric only in a slightly different colour way.

I was very also excited to see that Hell bunny's Paloma cardigan now comes in pastel shades too so I have wisely procured for myself the blue and the pink seeing as I wear my red one a lot!

I'm wearing Sundae with my pink one (it goes with so many of my dresses and my Vivien of Holloway 1940s style trousers!) and I wearing it with some pink gingham wedges I bought a few years ago from New Look. What do you think?
Finally managed to take an outdoors photo the weather is so grand!

Close up of pink Paloma cardigan- wish they made these on every colour!!

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Apologies for the cheesy grin!!
Have a great day all xx

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  1. I loveeee your outfits/fashion sense, girl!! You have great taste :)
    And you're a great seamstress! I need to learn how to sew. My mom makes me dresses sometimes, which I love!



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