Monday, 19 May 2014

With one hand she holds the wool: Dress 16

Hello all! What a shame the sun's gone in! Oh well, here's to Mellow yellow, the colour of sunshine!

I'm in love with this fabric! I nearly didn't buy it as it was a rash online purchase but oh, (Danny Zucko pause), im so glad I did!
I've made it up in my usual simplicity 2444/circle skirt mash-up and I think it has a wonderful 1950s vibe.

I got to wear this dress yesterday and because it's a poly cotton it was perfect for the balmy weather that's now over!!
was watching Star Trek TNG again when I made it so it's aptly named the 'Time's Arrow' dress. I'm wearing it with my Clarkes shoes in yellow suede. I seem to be enjoying yellow at the moment; I'm even considering a yellow based wallpaper for our bedroom smarten-up!

(V&A wallpaper)

(Yellow suede shoes)
What do you think?!

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