Saturday, 5 April 2014

She loves to work with her hands: dress 9

You will all be pleased to hear that I've now increased my pattern collection to include New Look 6886! I wanted a more summery style for warmer weather and having had a peek at Roisins handmade wardrobe this pattern looked perfect!

I bought this beautiful hot air balloon fabric a few weeks ago and so have plucked up the courage to actually cut into it. I hadn't realised until after I bought it that Roisin had also made a dress from it!

Following my somewhat steep learning curve I did make a muslin of this bodice.

The straps were interesting- well, turning them right side up is always a challenge but I found a thick knitting needle worked a treat!

I used a really nice quality lining fabric for this dress too so it should be super cool come the summer!

Although the pattern requires a half circle skirt I had enough fabric to make a full circle cos they really are my fave!

What do you think? I've named this one the ZoĆ« dress after my middle daughter who adored the fabric! 


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