Tuesday, 29 April 2014

She speaks wisely: Dress 12 & a Leibster Award!!

Hello lovelies- how are you?
I'm so sorry Sew Dolly Clackett has finished but so pleased to have made so many amazingly talented and very interesting friends on the interweb who, like me, are discovering the joys of sewing their own wardrobe! The lovely Kate from the Polka Dot Room has even nominated me for a Leibster award! I didn't know about to until I read Kate's post so I've shamelessly knicked her explanation for you!
"So what does this award mean? Well, this is a blogging award given by bloggers to other newer bloggers....generally with a following of less than 300....answer some questions given to you by your nomination and nominate 3-5 bloggers of your choice....and ask them some questions.

The award highlights new blogs and helps them get noticed, thereby increasing their audience!"

So Kate asked me some questions so here they are!
1. What is the dress pattern you would recommend the most?
It has to be Retro Butterick 5478. It was my first. It's also extremely easy (once you've corrected the neckline gape) and fun to sew up. It's a vintage pattern Butterick have reissued so it's got the vintage vibe I like in my dresses and looks amazing with a petticoat!!

2. What's the worst thing you've ever made and why?
Hmmmm.... Your not going to like this but it was an Anna dress. I just don't think the kimono sleeves and v neck suited me. I also added a circle skirt to the pattern which may have made it too frumpy but the good news is I've removed the Anna bospdice and am attaching a halterneck!! Waste not want not!

3. If you could dress like any woman in history who would it be?
Ooh- if I had the body shape then Audrey Hepburn. Always Audrey. (Although a bit of Dita wouldn't go a miss either!)

4. Out of the 4 'sex and the city' lead women who would you be?
Ahem..... Confession time....never watched it. Not really my cup of tea I'm afraid. Next question?

5.When and what would your ultimate holiday be?
I have to say I'm incredibly fortunate to be taking my ultimate holiday this Christmas. Sydney's Northern Beaches with extended family- every time!

Thanks Kate!
So I guess I now have to nominate some bloggers at this point but I'm afraid I've been sew busy (get it?) with sewing I haven't actually stopped to read any (except Dolly C!)

Perhaps I could hold the award for a while until I discover some deserving new bloggers to pass it on to hey?!
Don't you just love the sew-blog-o-sphere?!

In other news, I've made a new discovery over the holidays- I can pattern redraft!!! I was a bit fed up of the gaping neckline on my retro Butterick pattern so taped up some of the pattern front but this was pulling the armholes in a bit so I had another look.....it's worked! I have altered the neckline (is this a 'sloper'?) , redone the bust darts to make them larger and the waist darts to take in more fabric under the bust and I really like it!!

Ta-dah! I've named this dress the 'Ode to Dolly' dress as I finished it after sew Dolly Clackett had ended. What do you think?!

I'm also loving my new shoes! (From Clarks!!!)

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  1. Aha...glad you made use of my definition of the Leibster award, because I knicked part of it from Laura and some from the Internet! So happy you're pleased! Good Q&A's too! I love your Butterick dress..I should take a look at that. I've got a Simplicity 2444 to make which seems popular too...have you ever made it? xx


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