Thursday, 13 March 2014

All of them are dressed in the finest clothes: dress 3

Hello lovelies. I probably should warn you that I'm still on Butterick B5748- it's a classic 'me' dress!

This time for dress number 3 I thought I'd have a play around with the zipper location.
On the pattern envelope the zip is located about 4" from the armpit and extends through the waist of the dress and into the skirt. On my first dress, The Cudge, I too stitched a regular zipper to the left hand side having never made a dress before! On dress 2, The Worf, I attached an invisible zipper to the right hand side (seemed more logical on that side?!?) I've always struggled with ends of zips and wasn't completely happy with either zip on the first two so for dress 3 I thought I'd move the zip to the back. Hmmm.... Great idea in principle but in reality it's changed the fit of the bodice (is this normal?) so that if I do it again I've made a note to taper the armhole seam allowance so there's less of it at the armpit.

I'm probably the only one who really notices and as the dress is now easier to get on and off I may try it again, I may not.
Anyway, here you go.

There's still a full circle skirt but it's not quite as long as the Cudge dress. The spot fabric is a gorgeous poly cotton blend at a bargainous price of £2.00 a metre so definitely the cheapest dress so far!

I've called this dress the Rubies dress as I dreamt up this blog while creating it!

One of my lovely assistants took some photos outside as the sun actually appeared for a split second- here I am sitting on a cold hard bench with the rather stark looking plant life behind me which is probably weeks away from flowering!

It shows off the pretty skirt though- which I actually managed to hem without fluting it once! (First time!!) I should probably photograph the lining too as I used an old pink gingham duvet! It's very cute. I shall be picking over your bed sheets next to see if I can use them as linings, just wait.

I've ordered a couple of new patterns now I have a taste for it so we shall see if it's me or B5748 that's any good won't we.

What do you think?


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