Saturday, 8 March 2014

Her lamp doesn't go out at night: dress 1

Well folks, here it is! My first ever hand made dress.
Posing face
And I'm really rather pleased with myself!!
I bought too much of this fabric as I knew it was my first attempt and as it was only £2.50 a metre I could afford to splash out a bit!
What do you think?
Gorgeous necklace was a surprise treat from my lovely hubby and it matches the dress perfectly.
I just adore full circle skirts and am wearing my petticoat underneath to boost the va va voom!

You can't tell I've top stitched the zip as it's underneath the arm so for my very first attempt I'm a happy bunny!!
Obligatory black and white for dramatic effect.

I'm going to wear The Cudge tomorrow as it's forecasting 17 degrees tomorrow. Maybe a few more photos?...


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