Wednesday, 12 March 2014

She is busy all the time: dress 2

Well after the success of my first attempt at dressmaking I had definitely caught the bug! Dress number 2 was cut, pinned and sewn in half the time of dress 1, which may have had a little something to do with the copious amounts of Star Trek, The Next Generation I watched on Netflix while sewing!

Hence dress number 2 is called 'The Worf' dress!!

Having lined my first dress with its own fabric (and getting it inside out), I decided to line all of this dress with white cotton sheeting, which at £2 a metre was perfectly acceptable.

Apart from not being able to buy my style 'off the peg', the fact that I can create a vintage style frock over over 3 metres of fabric for under £12 has got to be a major motivator for me. In the past I've spent an awful lot on vintage reproduction dresses, which truth be told are often badly made, unlined and ill-fitting. That's why I think I'm experiencing a double whammy of joy when sewing- I get a custom made vintage style dress and it's cheap!!! Although when I'm proficient enough I do intend to make myself something in Alexander Henry's fabric 'home sewing is easy'- how could you not?!

Unlike my first dress, the Worf has an invisible zip which I most definitely prefer. It took me a while of you tubing and consulting my sewing notes to remember exactly how to do it but I'm pleased with the result.
The floral fabric is extremely summery so I'm not sure Worf will get out much for a few weeks but I do love it! I altered the armhole seams and increased the lower bodice darts to nip in the waist a little more than previously. It's a good fit all told.
I've only lined the bodice so will definitely need my petticoats on- bring on the heat wave!
What do you think?!


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