Monday, 10 March 2014

She gets up while it is still dark: Dress 1 in technicolor

Hello lovelies- here are the promised photos of yesterday's first outing of the Cudge dress.
Unfortunately my cardigan had to stay on as the bodice on this dress is a little too big unless I stand bolt upright! I thought I'd pair the dress with my beautiful Miss L Fire boots which I've had for an age but never seem to wear. The belt was a charity (thrift) shop buy and helped with some required synching!

For my next trick I think I'd like to try making this bodice with a half circle skirt; what do you think? Might it work?!?



  1. Lovely dress! You've set yourself a serious first time skirt, lining, fitted bodice and zip...and done an amazing job! Expect your proud. Was it a vintage pattern? Kate x

  2. Thanks Kate!
    It's a Butterick retro pattern- B5748- much easier than a Simplicity one I tried to use the other day.
    Love your Miette skirt by the way- I shall be coming to your blog for many a hint & tip I'm sure!!


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