Sunday, 16 March 2014

She considers a field and buys it: dress 4

Hello lovelies- dress number 4 was a total fail! I tried the renown Simplicity 2444 and I HATE it! Sorry to all you fans of it but I really couldn't get on with it at all and after much time and fabric have decided to scratch it from the record such was the measure of disaster. It was too small in the bodice- which surprised me having read many a blog describing it as too big! The pleats in the skirt were ok but the attaching part seemed so complicated compared to my faithful Butterick B5748. Maybe it's just me but let's just say I was glad I'd only used £2 per metre fabric!....

So anyway, like all good growth mindset people I moved on.... To Butterick B5748 again! This time I set myself the challenge of drafting my own half circle skirt pattern. A simple mathematical equation to all you hardened sewers but interesting for me! So, the dress has been named the 'Pi' dress, for obvious reasons.

I'd also only made the plain jewel necked bodice before so for this make I chose to include the notch in the neck. One edge is a little too rounded due to over excited under stitching but all in all I quite like it.
I also inserted an invisible zip, in the right place this time, and am still struggling with the top end but as it's hidden away and tucked into the bodice lining I thought I might get away with it.
took some photos of my tailor tacking too, a skill I learnt from a variety of you tube clips and one I really like for ensuring darts get placed correctly. I adapted the method to mark out the neck- notch stitching line too. I've found it most helpful to use a different coloured thread for the tailor tacks so they're easy to see against a patterned fabric.

Isn't this fabric stunning- I can't wait to wear this dress out with a little cardi on my shoulders and some wedge heels while schlurping on a '99!!!

I'm still waiting for my order of New Look 6886 and another Retro butterick B5603 from Jaycotts- taking an age due to pattern sales and the Sewing Bee apparently! Let's hope I like those better than Simplicity 2444. I've no problem having 4 very similar dresses in my wardrobe but would like to try something else now. I'm so pleased I worked out the half circle pattern too- much less fabric needed!

How many can we enter for Sew Dolly Clackett?!?



  1. You can enter as many as you like for Sew Dolly Clackett - enter them all!
    I love 2444 so I'm sorry to hear you didn't like it.

    1. I will enter them all in that case! Xx


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