Friday, 28 March 2014

She puts on strength and honour: dress 6

Hmmm... Not sure about this next dress.
Like the Russian Romans dress I wanted another dress I could wear through the winter/spring transition so I bought a cheap navy polycotton with a ditsy strawberry print.

 I lined it with what was left of the Worf dress but under stitched in the same dark thread I'd sewn it up with which was perhaps a mistake as it probably should have been white!! (Remember for next time).

I wanted to use the Simplicity 2444 bodice again as it fits up to the back of my neck and is easy to wear long sleeves underneath but I wanted to add a full circle skirt and try out the pockets from the Simplicity pattern. They worked a treat although did require me cutting the skirt front on the fold and then 2 separate back pieces so I had 2 side seams in which to sew the pockets and get a back zip in place!

I'm pleased with the fit and the style of the dress but not overly enamoured with the fabric so I'm naming it the Without Cream dress as I don't think these strawberries deserve any cream- they're just not quite good enough!

Well- the No Cream dress is made, hemmed and zipped but unfortunately is actually too pesking small!!! I've pulled 2 zips open on this dress and even after repositioning and restitching the zip, I have to admit defeat! Pants :(

Clearly too much pattern redrafting went on here. I could be frustrated but I will simply have to look at the simplicity bodice again and start on another....this one had pockets too.....ho hum.....


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